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SCHOOL Gallerium

Class Premium and School Base

Premium for Classes and Groups

Teachers and Group leaders can purchase Gallerium access for 15 or 25 devices at a time. Sharing and written feedback with emoticons is safe within the group. Public sharing is closed, but galleries may be sent to private email addresses to create links for learning at home.

Only one registration is required. The teacher downloads the Gallerium Free within the Apple Store or Google Play, then proceeds to the shop to purchase Gallerium School Premium.

Students receive an entry code to Gallerium Premium which links to the teacher. Gallerium School Premium Class can visit Gallerium -registered museums and with a museum key code, open the museum content to the entire class via the teacher license.

Gallerium use at School

Gallerium encourages personalized art exploration and can be used at school not only in art class, but also to enhance studies in language arts, social studies and even foreign language.

Gallerium is about responding to art. Emoticons act as “art talk”- starters and playful artist visitors with real life connections encourage discussion, and an ability to form opinions. Sharing and receiving galleries enhances viewing from multiple points of view.

During a visit to a Gallerium registered museum the class with a Class Premium can ask for one musem license key for the teacher. As the code is entered in the teacher registered class license, all students in class have access for the museum specific information and content.

Use Gallerium during the school day, whilst on a field trip or at home. Make learning connections between home, school and society.

Gallerium ideas booklet is sent online to Schools that order a school base.

Gallerium Class Premium links with all Premium options. Users can select the version they use.  Gallerium remains active for one year. If a Gallerium is not reactivated the images and collections remain, but can no longer be curated or changed.


Gallerium advocates art talk and art viewing in a fun, but safe and respectful manner.

Forming a School Base offers classes within the school an opportunity to share galleries and give feedback in writing and with emoticons amongst classes.

With the School Base and Gallerium licences will be “a folder”, where teachers can add curriculum- and school-specific images of art that may be used together with student photos to create galleries.

Galleries may be viewed via smartboards, and students can act as guides of the galleries they have created and curated.

Schools using School Base will receive an online booklet: Gallerium Ideas. This booklet is filled with suggestions on how to use Gallerium at school and how to link it with the curriculum.

School Base is an added option, not an obligation. A one-time setup fee for a School Base is 80 euros.

Click here to create a base.

Creation of school Base offers each school:

a folder linked to Gallerium where teachers can add art images that connect to the curriculum used as well as the location of the school.

an online version of the “Gallerium Ideas” booklet

the possibility to link classes or groups within the school for safe sharing

an option to share and swap Gallerium galleries with Gallerium schools in another town or country, via contact information given on the Gallerium website.

Gallerium graphics, T. Mikola
Gallerium graphics, T. Mikola