Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Gallerium for and where can I get it?

Gallerium is an app for children of all ages who like to observe, select, record and respond to art. Gallerium users create a personalized art collection that is based on photographs they take.

You can get Gallerium for both Android and iOS.

Install on Android

Install on iOS

2. I’ve installed Gallerium on my phone/tablet. What’s next?

Start by tapping the Gallerium icon on your device home screen.
The main menu, consisting of two pages, appears. The painting frames with text inside lead to different sections inside the Gallerium app.

Tip: To see more options, change the main menu page by tapping on the triangle icon on the side of the screen – or simply by swiping left or right.

Brief description for each of the main menu options:

Page one:

START – Create a gallery base
Choose this to make a base for a new collection. Many different background options are available for Premium users.

COLLECT – Curate and comment
Choose this to see all collections you’ve created and to add frames, pictures and art information to a specific collection.
Tip: swipe left on a gallery name to reveal options. Choose the green button to add/change pictures.

VIEW – Own and imported galleries
Choose this to see all collections you’ve completed and to share them with others. Here you also see galleries shared by others, that you’ve downloaded to your device.

MY ACCOUNT – Sign in online
Choose this to optionally register or sign in at My Gallerium ( When registered and signed in, you can purchase Premium, add friends you your friends list, add museum codes and manage your class (teacher accounts only).

Page two:

Choose this to view a list of Gallerium museums. Note: to get more information about the museums, you need to be signed in and the museum code of that particular museum must be entered in advance in the My Account section.

Watch short educational videos about art. Tip: check in here once in a while to discover new content!

VIEW – Galleries shared with me
Choose this to view all galleries that your friends, your class (if you are a member of a class), other museum visitors or the public has shared using their own Gallerium app. Pick a gallery to download it to your device.

Choose this to self-study and read about the app in general, Gallerium artist visitors, Gallerium emoticons and art photography.

3. How do I make my own gallery?

Start by pressing “START – Create a gallery base” in the main menu.

You will be presented with the Main Theme selection screen. Choose a main theme and press the ✓-button. Tip: you can always go back using the ← button.

After choosing the main theme, you select the main background for your gallery. You can browse backgrounds by swiping the preview picture left or right. Make your choice and press the ✓-button.

Next, depending on the type of background you chose, you’ll be presented with different options. In all cases, you can look at the gallery by swiping left or right – the room will change. If the gallery background consists of separate rooms (opposed to continuous panoramic view), you can remove rooms you do not prefer using the transcan button and pick rooms from some other theme using the import button. Just remember to have exactly 10 rooms to be able to continue (the ✓-button is shown).

The last thing is to enter some information: a name for the gallery, the curator’s name (your name), a place and a date. You can leave the information unfilled at this time too, you can always edit it later. Just press the ✓-button and you are done.

4. I’ve created a new gallery base. How do I add my art pictures to it?

Choose “COLLECT – Curate and comment” from the main menu. If you’ve already created a new gallery base (see previous question), the gallery base appears here. Swipe left on the gallery name and the green edit button appears. Tap on the button.

You are now in gallery edit view. You can navigate the gallery rooms back and forth by swiping left or right. In this view, you can change gallery information by pressing i-button. To enter frame edit mode and zoom in on a specific frame, tap on a frame on the wall. To take a picture using your phone/tablet camera, tap the camera button. The pictures button allows to select from your own photo collection. Take or choose a picture – just remember to accept any requests your phone/tablet may ask about permissions to use the camera or photos. After taking or choosing an existing photo, you’ll return to Gallerium. Choose the area of interest by moving and sizing the selection box that is on top of the photo. When done, press the ✓-button.

Now, the photo appears on the gallery wall inside a pre-selected frame. Change the frame by selecting it from the top of the screen. Note: some walls do not allow a frame to be chosen or switched. Add art information or change frame color using the i-button. If you want, you can always come back to change the picture or edit the information. Finally, to save the photo and information, press ✓-button in frame edit mode. Browse to another room and repeat the procedure to fill your gallery with art pictures.

When a picture and art information is in place, you can invite a visitor to your gallery. Press the speechbubble button to invite a random artist visitor. He/she will ask you a question. Tap on the character to answer. If the question is too hard, you can change it max. 3 times by pressing “Ask me something else”.

Note the palette icon on the top of the screen – it tells you how many steps are complete. When all pictures, all art information is filled and one artist visitor question has been answered, all colors are in place you will see a celebration screen. Your collection is now complete!

5. I’ve completed my collection. How do I share it with others?

If you have a Premium subscription, you can share a completed gallery to friends, class (if you’re part of a class or a teacher), museum visitors (if you have entered a museum code) or to the public. You’ll also need an internet connection on your device to share a gallery.

Choose “VIEW – Own and imported galleries” from the main menu (page two). Here you can see your completed galleries. Tap on the gallery name and the gallery is displayed. Press the share button to open the sharing settings. Choose the room you want to represent the preview of your gallery to other people. People will see a picture of this particular room you choose and decide if they want to download it or not. Then, choose who can download this gallery to their own device. The available choices will depend on your setup; if you have added friends, you can choose one or more friends, if you have entered museums codes, you can select one or more museums etc. Note: class members can only share galleries within their own class and to known email addresses.

When done setting up sharing, press ✓-button to begin uploading your gallery. This will take a while depending on your network connection speed – do not close the app while waiting! When done, you’ll be notified. To remove a gallery, open sharing settings again and press the red trashcan icon. This will unshare your gallery and delete it from our servers. Note: if someone has downloaded your gallery to their own device, he/she will get to keep it.