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‘Family & Friends’ access to Gallerium can be purchased for either 5 or 10 people at a time. Download the free version of Gallerium in the Apple Store or from Google Play, then proceed to ‘Shop’ to purchase Premium Gallerium for your chosen ‘Family& Friends’ group. Share safely, and use the guestbook functions with fun emoticons just amongst your group. Sharing to a private email is always an option too.

Look for art anywhere and anytime to create inspiring, fun and thought-provoking art collections to enjoy and share. Go for a culture walk, have an art party, be art detectives in search of lost treasures or designers looking for inspiration.

Why not make it a tradition? Create a new gallery with your family each time you visit a new place and see if your art choices are similar or different. Maybe you will wish to create a gallery that tells the story of your family or the heritage of a culture or a group. Maybe Gallerium galleries can become the art albums of your shared journeys and visits in art museums?