Capture, Collect and Curate Art – Anytime, Anywhere


Look around, art is everywhere. But what captures your interest and why?

Gallerium is an app for children of all ages who like to observe, select, record and respond to art.  Gallerium users create a personalized art collection that is based on photographs they take. They curate the collection, answer questions from celebrity artist visitors and share their galleries online with family and friends. Curators receive feedback on their collection in text and with Gallerium-specific, fun emoticons. It is art-talk time.

Gallerium gallery wall choices exist under four main categories: Classic, World, Urban and Nature art. Walls and frames have editing options, each collection and gallery can be unique. Curators select the most interesting location for the art they chose.


All Gallerium options start from the free version, which can be uploaded via Apple Store or Google Play. It is limited in function and appearance, but allows viewing and giving feedback in writing and with emoticons. This makes it perfect for adults who wish to view and comment on only the galleries they receive.


Premium is a paying Gallerium with all functions.

It can be obtained within Gallerium Free.

Gallerium Premium exists in the following formats:

  • Single
  • Family & Friends: for 5 or 10 licences
  • School Class: a teacher registers licences for a class of 15 or 25
  • Museum Premium: licences are obtained and shared by Gallerium registered museums. Visit a Gallerium museum to receive the museum-specific version.

Gallerium favors safe sharing and honors rights of artists and museums.

Find out more in : Museums, Schools, Family and Friends.

Gallerium curators spot and share art in galleries, homes, along streets, and out in nature, too.

And when they look closely…stories unfold, connections are made, eyes read, and art talks!

Gallerium trailer
Gallerium trailer
Gallerium App
Gallerium Graphics, T. Mikola
Gallerium Graphics, T. Mikola


1. Download Gallerium Free from the Apple Store or Google Play.

You can use the limited free version to receive galleries and to send feedback to curators.

2. ‘Shop’ in Gallerium Free to purchase Gallerium Premium.

3. Premium exists in three formats :

  • Single (one user)
  • Family & Friends (for 5 or 10)
  • School Class (for 15 or 25)

Select the one that suits you best and proceed with the given steps.

Gallerium Premium Museum keys can be obtained or purchased from the museum.

Class Gallerium is active for one year. If it is not reactivated, the completed galleries remain safe but can no longer be edited, changed or sent. It is possible to use many Gallerium formats simultaneously and to acquire many museum keys.


With friends, school mates, the world!



Besides seeing your collection, invited viewers can also sign your guestbook and comment in writing on your success as a collector and curator. They can complete the text with animated, fun Gallerium emoticons when words are not enough and visuals say  it better.  Emoticons are art-talk starters and have many meanings. It’s up to you to decide which to use.

Art talk takes place to start with in English, French and Finnish,

but above all ”in ART”!



Gallerium Premium exists in many versions to promote safe sharing within small and large groups. Family and Friends Premium makes sharing and discussion enjoyable within a chosen group.  School Class Premium shares only within a class,  under teacher license. The teacher has the option to join with other classes or schools using Gallerium, either nearby or in another town or country.

Sharing to a personal email anywhere in the world is an option in all formats.

Museum Premium allows one to share collections with museum key holders, but restricts feedback to invitation only.



Art is all around us. Find it, be curious. Have fun and surprise us!

Gallerium Premium allows you to place the art you photographed into different settings, inside or outside. You can customize frames and change the placement or look of museum walls.

To complete a gallery, you need to photograph or download ten works of art, give information about each of them, answer visiting artists’ questions, and curate your collection in a manner that is to your liking.

Make connections across time, between people, cultures, styles and places.

Place and curate your chosen art to reveal these connections, or  surprise with imaginative choices and links.

Upon completion of the gallery, you will be given  the green light to open your gallery and invite others to view and comment on it.

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